Retail and Hospitality

CompleteCloud Industries

We find that both retailers and hospitality firms have similar technology needs based on having multiple locations; multiple point-of-sale or other mobile devices, and confidential consumer financial data. Northwinds CompleteCloud offers a centralized cloud solution that guarantees to increase productivity and improve overall workflow by addressing these industry concerns.

Multiple Locations:
As a retailer or hospitality business, you may have several locations where you interact your customers, and one or more location where you manage your business services. The last thing you want is the headache of ensuring all your data is synchronized between locations, or the complexity of sharing information with multiple physical locations.

Our Solution:
Retail And HospitalityWe solve location issues by offering one centralized infrastructure that hosts all of your application, financials and business data. Swipe a credit card at one store and have your financial spreadsheet automatically update. Easily move between multiple locations and access your data from anywhere.

Point-of-Sale Devices:
Whether you have a point-of-sale kiosk, a hotel room key scanner, or a USB-connected device, these devices inherently present potential issues that shouldn’t hinder your workflow. And if a point-of-sale device goes down, that means a potential lost sale… or many.

Our Solution:
Our 24×7 technical support is available to fix any potential issue you experience. Our competitive advantage with point-of-sale devices comes from our vast experience with meeting the technology needs of retail and hospitality firms, with locations as far away as the Cayman Islands, BWI.

Confidential Financial Data:
With the increasing number of recent events where major retailers are having their customer PCI data breached, it’s critical to have a secure infrastructure in place.

Our Solution:
Our Northwinds CompleteCloud private cloud solution means that unlike our competitor’s public cloud services, each of our clients have a private IT infrastructure, setup through customized firewalls and security protocols. We implement the most up-to-date security systems to ensure the wrong people are prevented from accessing your data. Furthermore, with CompleteCloud, even if a physical device is lost or stolen, there is no information stored on it; and becomes useless without the account credentials to connect to the cloud.