CompleteCloud Industries

We find that many schools offering the best in education, but struggling with their IT systems. It’s time we fix that. Instead of paying for physical student devices, which will likely break or become lost, we’ll built virtual machines. Envision total control at the click of a mouse. And your staff gain greater mobility and unbeatable disaster recovery.

We find many schools want to give their students devices to work from home. But this can be cost prohibitive, and we know too well that these devices tend to have high replacement rates. Furthermore, student device management, such as restricted access to software and websites, or installation of new applications can get complicated. If your school isn’t paying for these extra costs, then the parents are – and chances are they aren’t thrilled about the extra expense.

Our Solution:
EducationWhy not build out virtual machines instead of physical ones? Virtual machines are much easier, much cheaper, and far more efficient to manage. We’ll offer your institution special student pricing and provide each student with an email address they can use to log in from any location within the school or at home. When we build out full virtual machines for your students, we can lock down the devices to protect students, monitor emails to prevent bullying and upgrade or install new software, all at the click of a mouse. Students can access their accounts from any computer in the school, from grade-specific computer labs, or from parent-approved devices at home. Providing your students access to a private cloud environment that’s secure, restricted and kid-friendly.

Are you tired of being limited to your classroom or office computer? Let’s face it – accessing everything from a single, physical computer is outdated and severely limiting. And what happens when those computers fail? Or worse, your school faces a disaster where all your equipment is damaged or destroyed?

Our Solution:
With all your data and applications in the cloud, we grant you total remote account management and total device and site-independence. Imagine the ability to access all your software and data from any device in the school, regardless of physical location. You need increased mobility – and you’ve earned it. All your data is safe and secure in our private cloud, so no matter what happens to your physical equipment, we’ve got you covered. Finally, your IT staff will thank you for the ability to upgrade every computer’s operating system or install new software from a simple mouse click.