Northwinds Cloud Solutions CompletecloudTechnology is a complex thing, and it continues to be a crucial aspect of remaining competitive and profitable – especially for small to midsized businesses. Business owners realize that having a technology partner they can trust is a strategically sound business decision. While operating and maintaining IT in-house is a good option for some businesses, many others are better off outsourcing to a third-party vendor.

By outsourcing your IT infrastructure to CompleteCloud, small to midsize businesses can gain access to enterprise-class technologies without the significant investments those solutions demand and without having to implement and manage it directly. Whether your workforce is in an office or on the road, the cloud enables them to connect and collaborate efficiently.

Companies who outsource their IT infrastructure to CompleteCloud will save time, frustration, money and will better leverage their technology investments. Our clients can obtain the infrastructure they need to meet their challenging business demands at a very predictable cost based on the number of users on the platform. Gone are the capital investments and headaches associated with maintaining an IT infrastructure, and the challenge of scaling the environment to meet changing business requirements. CompleteCloud delivers the tactical, day-to-day performance and continuity you need so your IT staff can focus on the more strategic initiatives that add value to your business.

Advantages of outsourcing to CompleteCloud:

  • Eliminate all capital expenses related to your technology infrastructure.
  • Flexibility and scalability to grow quickly or downsize if needed.
  • A team of experienced experts rather than just one IT staff member.
  • 24×7 availability, we don’t take time off.
  • Predictable fee you can budget for; no surprises.
  • More secure than on-premise infrastructures.
North Winds Cloud Solutions Testimonials
We made a strategic decision to move onto CompleteCloud and start leveraging technology instead of being frustrated by it. That decision, along with the hard work of the staff and the support and patience of our families in the aftermath of this fire, has led to this tremendous success story here at Wilson. – Head of School, Wilson School